Back to normal life

Well after a long break during which our little family moved 4 times and shed most of our belongings, I am now slowly figuring out where I am and getting back to being myself again. It feels great and I’m super excited about the road ahead!

Now for the small stuff that makes me happy.

This is my new best afternoon friend.


I was looking for a brewing method that was simple, inexpensive and made nummy coffee. I hate having to buy expensive coffee pods (plus it’s terrible for the environment and potentially not so great for your health as well) and coffee pads are not really a thing here (in Germany my in-laws had a pad machine and the pads– which are like giant tea bags– were only 1.50 Euro at ALDI for 20). The french press coffee makes me pukey, and a full on filter machine is too much of an appliance for my one cup a day.

I noticed the ceramic ‘pour-over’ filters in Tchibo and that was my revelation. I didn’t have time to buy one before moving away which is too bad because I had a terrible time finding one here. Starbucks has a bunch of them in their online shop for a great price but only for US customers! Anyway, I finally found the sweetest little Bee House cone at Arthur Quentin in Montreal and I took it home. It makes delicious coffee but it does require a bit of patience. But I can buy any ground coffee I want now and it’s super portable so it’s coming with me when I go to the cottage this summer.

And now that I have my cone I see that it’s popping up all over as the hot new thing! My little corner coffeeshop has 2 models for sale and I saw a bunch in Chapters with words on them (of course). I like that this is becoming popular.


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