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My lovely friend has a little girl who’s a bit over two and I wanted to come up with a small gift for her for Christmas. Now I only have one kid and he’s a boy and he’s a year younger. I’m also quite unfamiliar with what kids like and at what age. I hope what I came up with is a good idea because I don’t know!

Here it is for you to judge for yourself.

OliviaPurse-sideview OliviaPurse-closeuppatch OliviaPurse-closeupOliviaPurse-floralside


It’s a purse that’s fully reversible and big enough to put a couple of books in. I had to try to remember what I liked when I was little and I loved girly things, and if there was a nifty gimmick to it, even better.

One side is a soft pink flannel chevron print with a bird appliqué, and the other side is a sweet little cotton floral print with a navy gingham snap pocket.

It only took me about an hour and a half to make and I was super pleased with the outcome. I looked over this tutorial quickly to see how to go about it and just cut 2 same size rectangles out of each fabric and sewed them up and put it all together! It was a breeze to make and I hope it gets toted around and filled with lots of fun things!


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  1. julie main
    julie main says:

    Love this little tote bag and certain that my daughter will too! She loves purses and this one just so appropriate. Cute little bird, fabric so soft, reversable, washable and a nifty little pocket to hide stuff in…not to mention that it is custom made with love! Thank you Ali!!! I can’t wait to bring this home to her tonight! <3


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