New blanket design

I recently received a special order for a baby blanket for an upcoming birth. It’s for a little girl whose name will start with an “A” and I was asked to make it very portable. I designed this blanket so it could easily roll up into a tight bundle and therefore be easy to place in a diaper bag or pram.

So here it is! I think it turned out great and I think it’s very practical so I might start making more like this one for my shop.

Thomasblanket-cornerThomasblanket-bundlebackThomasblanket-closeuptab Thomasblanket-closedtabThomasblanket-sherpa

It’s made of a delicate floral cotton and cushy sherpa fleece and it has nice wide gingham tab with KAM snaps (they’re these lovely snaps normally used for diapers that snap really well and come in a rainbow of colours). I made sure the matching snaps were secured through both blanket layers to make it solid and sturdy. And that’s it!

I hope this blanket keeps this little girl warm and cozy!


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