Early Christmas

For some reason this year I jumped right into Christmas mode right along with all the shops which was immediately after Halloween. I’ve been listening to Christmas music for 2 weeks already and the Christmas tree was put up over a week ago. I’m excited!

So I’ve been working on some Christmas decorations as well and I thought I’d share!

For my son’s first birthday I made some bunting with very colourful cardstock that I hung on my living room walls. I liked it so much that it stayed there until only a few days ago (his birthday was in July) when I replaced it with my new Christmas bunting which I now equally love.


So here is how I made it:

1. Took an old pad of scrapbook holiday paper I had and chose my favourite pages. Took about 2-3 pages of each pattern and I have about 6 different patterns. I placed them in the order I want to see them hanging (more or less).


2. I cut each sheet in half (approximately) and then cut triangles all the way down. I cut 3-4 sheets at the same time to make it quicker and more even. I was careful to keep my paper order after cutting.

papercutinhalf triangles

3. Took out my small hole punch and with 3-4 sheets at a time made 2 holes near the top (or the flat/bottom side of the triangles).

4. Cut a piece of red yarn that looked to be the right length (plus a bit) to hang loosely on my wall.

5. Thread all the pieces through by making sure to put the yarn in back to front and front to back.


6. Make a little slipknot in the end and tack to the wall with thumbtacks. Cut any dangling yarn.

endknot buntingalone

And that’s it! Super quick and easy and brightens up the room so much. Now I just need a glass of eggnog and Dean Martin singing in the background and I’m in joyous Christmas-land!


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