My new go-to lunch

My husband shared a great post with me a few weeks ago to help with my work lunches. I only have 15 minutes for lunch so I have to prep this about 10 minutes before I’m ready to eat, but I’m in love with it and I’m eating it a ton.

So first thing I bought a cute little mason jar. Then I bought some dried Shiitake (I live in a small town where fresh Shiitake are hard to come by), some beef jerky, some organic tofu, rice noodles (instant ramen noodles are not so good for you), green onions and bok choi, and some organic miso bouillon cubes.

I put one little dry noodle patty in the bottom, then the onions (2-3 chopped), bok choi, one bouillon cube, mushrooms (4-5 dried/chopped), then either tofu or the jerky or both! I usually top it off with a bit of low-sodium soy sauce and a little squirt of Sriracha. Oh and sometimes some ripped-up nori.


It makes a delicious fresh lunch that’s light enough to not make me feel drowsy and filling enough to keep me happy until snack time.


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