DIY autumn toddler hat

The weather is quickly cooling down here in Eastern Ontario therefore we need a little hat for our little boy. I cannot seem to find knit hats in the shops that are not either for newborns or for winter so I decided to make one!

The fabric I chose is a super soft medium-weight 100% cotton sweatshirt knit. I bought 1/4 metre (less than 1/3 yard) which should be enough to make 2 hats.

First measure around your child’s head. Divide it in half and remove about 3/4 inch. That will be the width.

The height should be approximately the same as the width at the highest point. You can use the rough pattern provided here to base your shape on. Note that it is to be cut on fold as this hat will only have a seam on one side.



Cut out the shape of the hat on fold and pin right sides together all around except for bottom.


Sew around in a straight stitch, or if you have a serger you can use that. (I want one!)


When you finish off at the folded edge, round down the corner and sew right off the edge for about an inch to make a chain (like you’re sewing a dart) and then go back and stitch back and forth just inside the seam (again, just like you’re sewing a dart).

sewingend Sewingtail Cornerclipped

Cut the seam allowance now to about 1/4 inch.


Now flip the bottom over and pin in place. Make fold approximately 1 3/4 inches wide. Sew all around as close to the edge as possible.

pinnededge Pinnededge-close sewingedge finishededge

And that is all! Cute little hat that’s not too heavy and not too light… just perfect for this autumn weather!

FelixwithHat-side FelixwithHat-front


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