Rain gear

It’s been ages but I’m slowly getting back to sewing. The motivation behind this little project was my baby needing rain pants and me not wanting to spend $20 on a pair (I have since found some for way cheaper at walfart…but whatever).

I got some nice super light water repelling fabric on sale at my local fabric store. I bought 1 metre which allowed me to make 2 pants (one pair was sewn wrong so I scrapped it). I think I paid $7 for it the fabric, plus elastics…so these pants cost me about $4 to make.

I followed advice for pants-making from a couple of sources:


I made a pattern from a pair of his pants that fit well and I added lots of width and length. I traced the outline of the pants onto paper and not fabric so that if it did work well, I would have a pattern to work from. I did make a trial pair of pants in some light cotton I had lying around just to check the fit.


And this tutorial told me how to do the waist-band. Since I have no serger I just turned the edge in before sewing.

I didn’t do it exactly like anyone else I saw. I french-seamed the entire pants for a nice clean finish inside and also to help with waterproofing.

I also made the same elastic band casings for the ankles as I made for the waist.

The only issue with this was that I could not for the life of me figure out how to machine sew the casing shut once the elastic was in (it’s so narrow!) so had to hand sew it and I’m terrible at hand sewing…so that part is not as neat as the rest.

It took me about 2 hours to complete the pants including the fiddling and the pausing for moments to look at my screen (I was watching a blah movie). And the next morning I had him try them on and they fit perfectly!

I’m super happy with them and am now just waiting for a rainy day to try them out in the elements! Now I need a rain jacket and I am debating buying over making. If I can’t find a jacket this week in a store for not too much moolah, then I’m going to try my hand at making a jacket using this tutorial as a loose base (I’d want to make it more fitted and with elastic at the wrists and at the waist…and a zipper or more buttons all the way down):


And if I do make one, I’ll put the results up on here soon! And maybe a bit of a tutorial since I plan on making so many adjustments.

Now I’m off to work on my ETSY shop which will open September 21! WHOOOOO!!!!


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